Porto Range Florida Real Estate

In the southern part of Florida's First Coast lies a sprawling white sandy beach, billowing palm trees, lush views and greenery. The neighborhood is tucked away in an area surrounded by everything you need and more, with a school in Port Orange that is highly valued and sought after. It has a gated golf course community, but there's no need to take it too seriously if you're in the market for a new home.

Although the municipality of Ponte Vedra is small, some of the houses are already for sale, and some are already finished - ready. Find out what Avalon Payasada Estates is like for those looking for a home for under $700,000, or if you're looking for homes for over $600,000, check out our guide to the best real estate deals in Florida in the area. If you're looking for a house for less than $1 million or a house for $2 million, you can find it here.

Sawgrass Country Club houses a good number of seaside condos, but it also offers gated security and membership of the Country Club. You can find it for under $1 million or over $2 million for a house in this price range. Do not forget to visit the beautiful, unspoilt sea and grab a lunch or drink in one of the many restaurants.

The condos on Ponte Vedra Beach tend to be more expensive than their Fort Lauderdale counterparts, but they are also on the rise. This condo for under $250,000 is just a few blocks from Sawgrass Country Club and has many condos looking for it, called Deer Run and Little Bay Harbor. This house is made of concrete blocks with a HOA, is intended for the Fichtenbachschulen and also a slope, so a good choice for those who are interested in a house in the area.

This house is located in one of the most sought after school zones on Ponte Vedra Beach, just a few blocks from Fort Lauderdale High School. It is also right in the heart of Fort Broward County, right on the beach and right across the golf course.

P PV is considered one of the most sought after school zones on Ponte Vedra Beach, just blocks from Fort Lauderdale High School. Learn more about the Porto Range Florida real estate market in Fort Broward County, including more information about the best properties in the area, and a list of our best deals.

If community living is not your style, check out the real estate market in Fort Lauderdale, Broward County. To view properties for sale in Ponte Vedra Beach or have any questions about real estate, contact an agent in Pte Veda Beach today. We will show apartments all over the beach of Ponta Vedras, from the beach to the sea and even in the heart of the city.

You will find apartments that you could potentially rent to own or move into, as well as condos for sale. We look at many houses and condos that are for sale and you should check what is available today.

The condominiums in the south tower of Porto Vita are 2,476 sqm in size. This is a house with only 162 luxury condominiums, which offer a total of 3,500 square meters of living space for the whole family.

Those who live in the spacious villa on the first floor can also live in a spacious apartment on the second floor with a total of 3,500 square meters of living space.

Watch the boats on the edge of the Everglades and watch the sunsets from the floating docks on the shores of Porto Range, Florida's most picturesque beach.

Thanks to their convenient central location, these homes are close to everything Cape Coral has to offer, including beaches, shopping, restaurants, golf courses, hotels and more. This municipality is located just a short drive from downtown Naples, which is located on the beautiful Port Islands, where there are also a variety of hotels and restaurants and a number of rental apartments. The marina has a full service marina, a boat dock and a parking space for up to four boats. Stay close to all your boat needs, including a well-stocked shipping shop, hotels and a bar with access to Porto Range harbour.

Ponte Vedra Beach Realty will be happy to show you how to live in Ponte - Vedras Beach while still commuting to all the amenities of Cape Coral, including shopping, restaurants, golf courses, hotels and more. Life on the Port Islands makes it easy to find a home in this beautiful and peaceful waterfront community. Residents of Porto Vita have access to the east side of the South Tower and the beach, shopping and restaurants of the city of Naples.

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