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A total reinvention of the destination, Porto Range Hotels & Resorts, a collection of hotels and resorts in the heart of Orlando, Florida.

The 115-room hotel is located in the heart of the Port of Everglades, Florida's largest port and home to the largest container port in the world. Located on the coast of downtown Miami and only 8 miles from Miami International Airport, it has 4,000 ships a year and enjoys being one of Florida's most popular tourist destinations. The port is also located just a few miles from Miami-Dade County Airport and enjoys a strong connection with the city of Miami, as it is also one of the leading container ports in Florida. It has been renovated and refurbished for $30 million and features new amenities including an indoor / outdoor pool, fitness center, spa, restaurant, bar and retail space and much more.

It operates daily from various cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess Cruises and other cruise lines.

If you also want to go all the way to Walt Disney World or visit the Kennedy Space Center, this hotel is a good place to stay. You can also find special rates when staying at Hyatt Airport, as it is much closer to Port Canaveral. If you arrive at Orlando Airport on the day of your cruise, I would recommend spending the night before the cruise at the Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport, as you don't have to worry about missing your sailing. However, you should consider spending a night on a cruise either at Hyatts or Regencies near Orlando International Airport, as I recommend you stay on both, as you arrive at Orlando Airport the day before your cruise, so you don't have to worry about missing your departures.

If you wish to take the transport to the port of Miami, please inform the reception of your check-in time. Parking is much cheaper than parking at the port, and many hotels offer shuttles to and from the cruise port. These cost $10 per person and take about 10 minutes, so parking costs about $5 per hour, or $7 for the entire trip.

To help you find the best hotel, we have compiled a list of 30 hotels that can offer a free shuttle service to the port terminal or organize private transportation. Some of these hotels offer you a ride to the harbour, and Extended Stay is a decent walk from the cruise port (provided you catch an outlier - peak time of the year).

The Country Inn & Suites Cape Canaveral is conveniently located next to the Residence Inn and just as far from the harbor. Hertz has a location at MCO, and they are pretty close to the cruise terminal. They also have a facility at Orlando International (M CO) and are within walking distance of Orlando Harbor and Canaveral Air Force Station.

If you prefer something more upscale, you can add the Miami area hotels below to your Disney Cruise Line reservations. The prices for these properties are cheaper than staying in the city center, and the cruise port is just a short drive away. Other options close to the harbor include the Hilton Miami-Dade, Hyatt Regency Miami Beach or the Marriott International Hotel. Downtown Miami Brickell is a hotel located near Miami International Airport, which is a little further from the harbor.

The hotel offers a free 24-hour shuttle service to Miami International Airport, free airport parking and free Wi-Fi. State and federal employees can save at Marriott Fort Lauderdale Downtown or Fairfield Inn & Suites, for example. Hilton Miami - Dade, Hyatt Regency Miami Beach and the hotel offer a free shuttle service to and from downtown.

One of the hotels offering shuttle service to and from the port of Miami is Hilton Miami - Dade, Hyatt Regency Miami Beach. The hotel offers a free 24-hour airport shuttle service and free parking.

The property includes a hotel suite, a fitness centre, an indoor pool and spa, as well as a suit shop, gym and wellness centre.

As far as we know, this is the only hotel in Miami that offers free transfers, which can save you a considerable amount of taxi and shuttle fees. In Florida, Disney offers a wide range of hotels and resorts in the Port of Miami area, including hotels, restaurants, bars, shopping malls and restaurants. As with other embarkation ports, they almost always offer free transfers to other Disney resorts, several of which are nearby.

The hotel offers parking that costs only $35 for the first 7 nights, but forget about a comfortable stay. However, we found some of the cheapest parking in the yard, so forget it.

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